2 thoughts on “IMWAYR🏈”

  1. Hi Hannah,
    My husband is a big football fan (professional football anyways) so, of course, I had to show him your books. He would like to read them too and I won’t tell you how old he is! 😉 What awesome books to have for a classroom, Thank you for introducing these to me! I think books can provide great times for families. We are empty nesters, but the other day I was talking with my son about books he loved as a kid and they were all ones we have enjoyed together. What treasured memories for this mom who was sometimes too tired to read! Does your son have any favorite books that he likes to read?


    1. Right now my son is absolutely loving a book series called The Last Kids on Earth. In my opinion I don’t like the main idea of these books because it involves zombies and kids fighting monsters. But his teacher assured me that they are quite innocent and he is reading book after book. We had to talk about the fact that zombies are not real and those books are very much science fiction!
      I love football also, sadly our season ended that week and in my next post I’ll talk a bit about the books we read following our loss:( I have some catching up to do! Student teaching is honestly getting the best of me at this current moment!


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