So I have been reading several novels in search of the perfect move for my class to read for our next novel study. I re-read Hatchet, Maniac Magee, and Touching Spirit Bear. All of these books are books I read many, many years ago so I definitely needed the refresher. This week I have chosen … Continue reading IMWAYR☠️


This week our football team will play in the football playoffs, our school is Co-Op’ed with another small local school for sports and this is there first ever playoff bout in co-op history. My son is the water boy for the football team and my husband is one of the coaches. So lately I have … Continue reading IMWAYR🏈


This week I have a homecoming hangover! What a week it was, my little girl was honored with the duty of carrying the crowns for the senior homecoming court and received her own crown to wear as she pleases. Does she believe she is a princess now? Well, you might think so, but some days … Continue reading IMWAYR💜